The way of the (Techno) Warrior goes thru this sample pack!

This is a tailor-made, one of a kind sample pack. where each and every sample & loop is usable and made specifically for the Hard-Techno producer/artist.
With the sample pack, you won't use just a few samples and waste your money... you will use all of them! and that's why this is a limited edition as well! not everyone will have this sample pack!

The Way Of The Warrior - Hard Techno Sample Pack

    • 10 Drums starter kits. each kit is made out of 4 layers - kick, snare, precs, snare.
    • 10 bass loops
    • 10 synth loops
    • 10 perc loops
    • 10 extra loops
    • 10 bass one shoots
    • 10 synth one shoots
    • 10 fx one shoots
    • 10 snare one shoots
    • 10 hihat one shoots
    • 10 kick one shoots
    • All in total 50 one shoots and 100 loops total of 200MB of Hard Techno Gold!
    • * All Samples in WAV24BIT HQ
    • * the demo track is an example of tracks using the samples & one shoos. you can find the templates of these track on our store.ỏ-hàn